Wynn Officials Have No Preferences in Rutherford Ave Tunnel Debate

By Seth Daniel

As talk of re-commencing the discussion on whether or not there should be a tunnel on Rutherford Avenue has come to light, Wynn Everett officials said they do not have a preference and will work with any solution the City and the Town come up with.

“We are taking no position on whether there should be a roadway operating as a tunnel,” said Bob DeSalvio of Wynn Everett. “We believe that should be left up to the City of Boston and the residents of Charlestown.”

DeSalvio said their current proposal reflects the existing roadways, but they are prepared to align their short-term traffic mitigation plans – which have to be completed before opening – to either option. He said just as easily as they include a tunnel, they can exclude a tunnel.

Many opponents of the project – including a large group that submitted a letter of opposition to the state Department of Transportation (MDOT) – concluded that the Wynn Everett team preferred the tunnel and its continued use. The tunnel is not part of the surface option proposal for the thoroughfare, a plan decided upon in 2013 prior to major developments like the casino sprouting up on the edges of the Town.

DeSalvio said those conclusions that Wynn Everett prefers a tunnel are not accurate. He said they want to leave it up to the community and City.

“We purposefully have stayed away from weighing in on whether it should be a surface option or a tunnel option,” he said. “We believe it’s a decision for the community and the City.”

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