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 Cross Pollination Charlestown Style

   “With the Charlestown Working Theater next door, they and the Gardens of Charlestown provide a cross pollination of creativity for the community both serve so well.”

    -Cathy Shanks, president, Gardens for Charlestown

   This past Saturday was a beautiful day, especially over in Charlestown where the corner of Medford, Bunker Hill and Main streets became Creativity Corner.

   I ventured into the fall fair and flea market at the farmers garden. It was fun roaming through the walkways and seeing all the life that springs up in this little triangle of nurtured soil.

   Kudos to Cathy Shanks and Toni Pollak who was this event’s coordinator. They and so many others are to be thanked for their hard work.

  I stopped by my friend Paul Lane’s table where he had many great pieces of photography work for sale. He does great work with his camera and his selective eye that can pick up some great inspiration for his photo work.

  When Paul isn’t snapping up his photos, he is often getting his photo taken as a member of the Charlestown Militia when he marches in the Bunker Hill Parade or awaiting Paul Revere’s arrival in City Square or at the many events members of this militia participate in over the years.


   After sampling some great Charletown homegrown veggies right from the garden, I made it over to the Charlestown Working Theater for its 40th Season Open House. I remember back in 1974 when Peggy Ings had a dream to bring the theater to Charlestown. It was a dream that started off with a dollar investment but has enriched the entire community, especially young people.

   That dream started in started in 1974 with Peggy and so many others who shared her dream too.

  Soon the 40th season will open and the first production of the year will be “Clown Bar,” never to be confused with Old Sully’s, the Sweet Potato, the Morning Glory or any other Charlestown bar past or present. I saw the rehearsal this past Saturday and I await the opening of this play.

  I call the corner of Medford, Bunker Hill and Main Streets, Charlestown’s Creative Corner.

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