Warren-prescott K-8 Connects with Community

Whole Foods Market liason's Nora Daniels reading to students.

Whole Foods Market liason’s Nora Daniels reading to students.

On Friday, May 23, Principal Michele Davis welcomed key community businesses and partners to the school and classrooms.  The event has become a much- loved tradition that Mrs. Davis started during her first year as principal back in the fall of 2010.  “It is an event that I look forward to hosting each year because it reinforces the cohesiveness our community and the commitment we have to each other.”

The event begins with coffee and pastries and the opportunity for community members and partners to connect with each other and learn more how they each have a relationship with the Warren-Prescott.  Then, community members are treated to a performance by the WP’s award- winning chorus.  After breakfast, each community member is escorted by a student council representative from the upper school to a classroom, where they talk to the students about what they do, how they support the community and how their education and training helped them in their career.  The students are able to ask questions, and from year to year, their eyes are opened to the wider community around them and the various opportunities that lie ahead.

In attendance were guests from over 25 businesses and partnerships around Charlestown and the larger Boston area, including Courageous Sailing, Berklee College of Music, Mass General Hospital, Whole Foods Market, and Charlestown Against Drugs, among many more.  Rebecca Inver from Courageous Sailing stated, “I was blown away by the number of Charlestown community leaders who are invested in the Warren- Prescott School and the students respond to their community by working hard to be respectful, engaged members in the neighborhood.  Whether through singing, asking questions, or lending a helping hand, it is clear that Warren-Prescott is a special place and a beacon in Charlestown.”

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