School Bus Drivers Action Uncalled for

Boston school bus drivers, United Steel Workers of America Local 8751 International should have negotiated with the bus company instead of staging an illegal work action that resulted in long delays for thousands of students getting to school.

The union action also left children of all ages stranded at bus stops, creating a public safety problem as well.

These selfish bus drivers put themselves before thousands of children and parents because of their gripes with their employer.

Local 8751 signed a job agreement prohibiting this kind of action. So what’s the beef?

Placing the Boston School System in turmoil was simply not the right thing to do and the union should be penalized for their inappropriate job action that was not well received by anyone but themselves.

Obviously, the bus drivers had no consideration for what their actions would have on the city, children and parents.

There a three words to describe this uncalled for move…Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.

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