Congratulations, Charles River Swimming Club

Perhaps it is growing up in the 70s and hearing the song by Standells, “Love That Dirty Water,” referring to the Charles River, so when David Jaye of the Back Bay mentioned that he was going to take part in a swim five years ago in the Charles River, we were incredulous, remembering the last time that we fell into the Charles River, we needed a tetanus shot.

However, the Fifth Annual Master Race of the Charles River has just been held with a large  number of swimmers.

We congratulate our state officials who have been tireless in monitoring the water quality of the Charles River, where one can now swim in these waters, considering that just a few years ago one could not.

We congratulate the Charles River Swimming Club for holding this annual event that showcases the ecological comeback of the Charles River.

Lastly, we urge our readers to remember that the balance between being able to swim or not in the Charles River is very tenuous.  A severe rainfall or high temperatures can tip the balance to closing the river.

So always do your part to preserve this wonderful natural asset.

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