Events to Be Aware of ….

In the frantic and fast pace of life that seems more commonplace in today’s world than we remember growing up, there are several important events that are  approaching.

Mayor’s race:

Charlestown will be an important factor in voting for the next Mayor of Boston.  According to some experts the difference between first and third place in September maybe as little as 200 votes. We urge all residents to become active in helping their candidate. As these experts point out, if you wait until Labor Day to get involved, the race could be over.

On Page 5 of this week’s newspaper are profiles of  two candidates for Mayor.  We will be running additional articles on other candidates.  John Connolly will be having an event tonight, Thursday at the Knights of Columbus starting at 6:30 p.m.  Again if you support Connolly then you should attend, if you are undecided then you should also attend to hear Connolly’s views about the future of Boston and see how they stack up with yours.

Casino talk

Steve Wynn’s proposal for a casino on Route 99 in Everett is moving forward very quickly.  The voters of Everett will be casting their ballots on June 22 to approve or disapprove the proposal. We urge all residents to express their concerns to the State Gaming Commission   It is a safe bet Rutherford Ave. and Sullivan Square will see increasd traffic if Wynn’s casino is approved.  Under the legislation, the developer must pay for infrastructure access to and from  his complex.  These roadways could see private money used to improve the traffic pattern.

Take Time

Lastly, with the frantic pace of today’s life, we need to take time to just smell the roses.  Charlestown private gardens will be open to the public on June 15.  This event is sponsored by local garden group and we urge everyone just to take time and see what your neighbors have done to transform their open space into a green oasis.

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