Hearing on Conditions at Local Marina, Nov. 28

The gazebo and bench show signs of rust, rot and disrepair.

The Boston Conservation Commission will hold an enforcement hearing on November 28 to determine what action should be takenagainst the owner of Shipyard Quarter’s Marina in the Charlestown Navy Yard if a plan is not presented to fix several of the piers.

Residents have been frustrated for years about the deteriorating conditions which are creating public health and public safety hazards at the marina and even prompted Mayor Menino to ask the state to pull the license to operate the marina if the repairs aren’t made.

In a letter back in June to the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) Mayor Menino asked the state to step in calling the conditions threatening to “life, limb, property and the safe navigation of the waterway.”

DEP conducted an inspection in July and found that boards on pier 6 and pier 8 have been rotting, support piles are missing and dilapidated making it unsafe to use and pieces of the dock known as “fingers” have fallen off creating hazardous conditions.

Following the inspection, DEP issued an order to the owner of Shipyard Quarter’s Marina, Martin Oliner, to make repairs or face possible fines of $25,000 per day.

Shipyard Quarter’s Marina appealed the order saying it needed more time to make the repairs.

In a follow up letter sent to DEP in early November, Mayor Menino said the only solution now is to revoke the license to operate the marina before “a serious injury or worse” occurs.

Lois Siegelman, president of the Friends of the Navy Yard, says conditions have become intolerable.

“The Navy Yard is a wonderful resource used by residents and visitors.  It’s very upsetting to see it deteriorating and the hazards created by these conditions,” said Siegelman.

Siegelman says in addition to the safety hazards identified by DEP, the bird droppings and shells on the unused portions of the piers are creating conditions which are unsanitary for boaters, Navy Yard residents and visitors.

Shipyard Quarter’s owner Martin Oliner did not return a call seeking comment.

The November 28 meeting before the Conservation Commission, originally scheduled for November 7, was postponed because of Hurricane Sandy.

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