LaMattina Warns Pier Owner of Heavy Fines, Legal Action

City Councillor Sal LaMattina has warned the owner of Pier 8 – the rotting series of docks and the walkway with views to the harbor – of serious fines and penalties if he fails to fix the rotted areas.

Speaking before the city’s Conservation Commission last week, LaMattina called Martin Oliner, the apparent owner and manager of the walkway and dock system, a slumlord.

“Enough is enough,” said LaMattina at the hearing, which was called to elicit information about the problem with the docks and walkway.

LaMattina asked the Conservation Commission for an emergency order claiming this was a big issue.

The Conservation Commission agreed.

It gave Oliner until October 17 to respond with action about the rotting dock work and walkway.

“If he fails to respond, he will be fined $25,000 a day until he does,” said LaMattina.

Oliner, who could not be reached, is, curiously enough, the mayor of Lawrence, New York.

LaMattina fumed about that as well.

“As an elected public official, Mr. Oliner should be quick to respond to such public safety hazards,” he added.

Friends of the Navy Yard members appeared at the meeting as well as Navy Yard resident Lois Siegelman.

She told the Conservation Commission that the conditions were intolerable and unsuitable.

“The docks and walkway must be fixed,” she said.

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