Beware a Rule Change

Charlestown drivers beware.

A traffic rule change by the Boston Police Department fines motorists from now on $150 if you are found to be blocking an intersection.

That is to say, if you drive onto a crosswalk at an intersection while trying to edge your way across the intersection and the light changes to red and your automobile is sticking out into the intersection and blocking traffic, you will be ticketed by a Boston Police officer if one is around and watching closely.

The new rule seeks to reduce congestion at heavily traveled intersections throughout the city.

No neighborhood will be spared in this effort, according to the Boston Police.

So beware of intersections and mostly, beware of going into the intersection while the light is changing.

For while you are inside the intersection blocking traffic, you are creating a hazard.

Drivers must be aware – or pay a $150 violation and receive a point or two on your automobile insurance rating.

Be courteous.

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