Police Briefs 07-12-2012

From Boston Police Area A-1

POLICE/COMMUNITY MEETING: Meet the police & discuss public safety issues on the  third Tuesday of every month at the police station, 20 Vine Street, at 6:30 p.m., 2nd floor, community room.

POLICE RELATED INFO: Contact the District A-1 Community Service Office at 617-343-4627.

REPORT DRUG DEALING: Contact the District A-1 Confidential Drug Line at 617-343-4879.

CHARLESTOWN POLICE STATION: Contact at 617-343-4888.

RESERVE THE COMMUNITY ROOM: Contact Christine Vraibel at [email protected].

Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon – Other

07/03/12 – A victim reported that at approximately 2:30 p.m., she was viciously beaten about the face and body with brass knuckles, kicked about the face numerous times and threatened with future violence by suspect following a staged, premeditated cell-phone video-taped attack after school on a field opposite Charlestown High School.

The victim said she was forcibly held down by one of the suspect’s unidentified accomplices while the suspect continue an onslaught of blows to the victim’s face, head and body in a clear attempt to maim and/or disfigure the victim. The victim reported losing consciousness and suffered extensive bruises, swelling and contusions throughout the face and body. These injuries were very severe, but the victim was afraid and apprehensive to report the event earlier due to possible retaliation.

The victim had documented evidence of her injuries and will seek medical attention at Children’s Hospital due to complications from the attack. Boston Public Schools officials were notified and are now investigating. The victim is in fear for her well-being due to statements made from approximately 15 to 20 male and females who witnessed the assault, surrounded the scene as a shield from the public’s view and acting in a joint venture videotaped the entire episode.

The victim was eventually able to free herself and fled to prevent further attack and reported the incident to her mother and family members. The incident is to be further investigated. The victim and her mother were advised to seek redress in court and avoid any further contact with the suspect and her accomplices. A copy of this report has been faxed to the school police.

Robbery Attempt – Unarmed – Street

07/03/12 – At about 11:16 p.m., officers responded to a radio call for an attempted handbag theft at 5 Austin St.

Upon arrival, the officers met the victim and a witness, who both stated a group of approximately four to five youths, including one male wearing a black jacket and at least one female, attempted to rob the victim of her bag and her cell phone. The suspects then fled through the Bunker Hill Mall towards Main Street.

While conducting a search of the area, officers observed the two suspects on foot on Bartlett Street, near Green Street and approached. Them. One suspect was observed ducking and attempting to hide beneath a pick-up truck parked at that location. The other suspect attempted to quickly walk away and ignored the officers’ commands to stop before being caught and placed in the officers’ cruiser. The other suspect was subsequently apprehended on Trenton Street after she was observed running from her hiding spot down Bartlett Street.

Despite being placed into the officers’ cruiser, neither suspect inquired as to the reason for their apprehension, but informed police they had been coming from the Community College MBTA station, near where the attempted robbery had occurred. When the officers returned to the vicinity of green and Bartlett streets in search of any items the suspects may have discarded, one of the suspects called their attention to two others who were passing by and stated that they had been with them as they walked from the T stop. All four suspects were brought back to 5 Austin St., where officer waited with the victim and witness.

The victim told police she and the witness were walking on Austin Street near the 99 Restaurant, where the suspects approached them.

“Give me the money. Show me the money,” on of the suspects demanded as one another attempted to the victim’s grocery bag from her arms and ripping the bag.

The victim also stated that when she took out her iPhone and attempted to call the police, one of the suspects attempted to tear it from her grasp. Both the victim and witness identified one of the suspects as the female who had demanded money and another as the individual who had attempted to take victim’s bag and phone.

The suspects were placed under arrest and charged with assault to rob unarmed.

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