After the Parade…

Last week’s festivities went off like clockwork and attracted a huge crowd.

Everything went off without incident and the neighborhood once again shined for this year’s celebration of Bunker Hill Day.

Parades have become a thing of the past nearly everywhere at this point in time.

The times have changed. We have changed with them. But in Charlestown, even though the times have changed, the parade remains.

It was this year and is every year the focal point and the high point of the Bunker Hill Day weekend activities.

In the future, the neighborhood leaders who put together the yearly celebration of Bunker Hill Day might look upon making the festivities even broader than they tend to be by having, forinstance, a Bunker Hill Day Blog, Twittering Bunker Hill Day, having a wide and varied number of new venues appealing to totally interactive settings for young and old alike and by broadening the celebration’s interest by advertising it in every way to the general public and especially to a broader Boston audience.

This would strengthen everything positive about the celebration without adversely affecting it.

Bottom line, the Bunker Hill Day Parade and all the present festivities are a major league operation worthy of great praise.

But there is even more to do to remain modern and to have the celebration growing and to have Bunker Hill Day become a truly national holiday.

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