Losing 1 Million Pounds

Mayor Thomas Menino has committed his administration to leading the fight against obesity by pledging to do his best to have Bostonians collectively lose 1 million pounds this year.

At first blush, the entire notion of such an effort seems more like a bit advertised for a television reality show than anything else but it isn’t.

Child obesity in Boston and in every great American city is a huge problem growing larger, literally, in every way. Adult obesity is also reaching staggering heights among huge percentages of the population.

The problem with obesity whether it is with children or adults is that ultimately it impacts on personal health.

Diabetes is growing rampant because so many Americans consume so much sugar. Then there are the chemicals and food dyes, artificial flavorings and foods sold in huge amounts which have zero nutritional vale.

Mayor Menino is meaning well by urging Bostonians to watch what they eat and to join him in the commitment to lose 1 million pounds collectively.

Sounds corny but it isn’t.

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