Kennedy Center Seeking to Start New Pre-school

The Kennedy Center is exploring the possibility of creating a new Preschool for 2.9-5 year olds in Charlestown to start this September. The new preschool would be modeled on a Creative Curriculum which will have developmentally appropriate activities for children based in science, reading, math, art and music, etc. The goal is to be an affordable, private pay option, with choices of a 2-day program (Tu/Th), 3-day program (M, W, F) or a 5-day program (M,Tu, W, Th, F), for either 5 hours (from 8am-1pm) or extended day (8am-6pm) from September-June (with continuation of programming over the summer for families who would like to keep their children enrolled). If you are interested, please email [email protected], and provide the number of children and the program they would be interested in attending by Monday, April 23. The Kennedy Center is looking for a commitment of 20 children in order to launch the program. The Kennedy Center is also looking for parents interested in helping to build this program and create a parent governance board. If interested, please email [email protected]. With the closing of Tiny Tots and the long waitlists at nursery schools and K1 (pre-K) options across Boston, we hope this can become an affordable and sustainable option for preschoolers throughout Charlestown.

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