The Life Focus Center Must Remain Open

The news about the investigation into the alleged mismanagement of funds at Charlestown’s Life Focus Center has cast a rather negative light on the overseers of the institution.

We want to make it clear that no one associated with the Life Focus Center has been arrested, indicted or convicted of any crime and so we will not place ourselves in the position of judge and jury on the basis of newspaper reports and allegations of a possible criminal investigation.

We prefer to cast our full attention on the need for the Life Focus Center to continue performing the important role it has played in this neighborhood for almost 40 years.

Although the legacy of the LFC has been tarnished we believe it is important for the neighborhood to rally around the LFC program.

Without this program continuing, about 140 human beings, who will have literally nothing without it, will be at risk in their lives.

It might be useful at the very least for the present leadership to step aside entirely, and for those receiving compensation from the LFC, who have done nothing tangible for the LFC to step aside as well.

What is very likely needed is for the LFC to be placed in receivership by the Board of Directors until such time as ongoing investigations have been completed and the State Auditor’s demands for repayment of funds allegedly mis-spent are paid back in full.

We repeat, what is most important is that the LFC continue functioning.

Taking funds for oneself that are for the handicapped is a terrible crime but in this instance it would be far worse if the place closed down. Those who have led the LFC into this embarrassing mess need to come straight with the neighborhood and with investigators now set to go over the records. The truth will set you free.

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