Local Organizations Benefit from CNC Fund

Christmas came early for 13 local organizations this year and Santa was none other than Charlestown Neighborhood Council (CNC) which distributed mitigation funds that had accrued from a local real estate project.

The distributions, which were substantial, proves the value of the mitigation funding system that has been a part of city-government for two decades.

Larger scale projects with impact in the neighborhoods where they are built result in the builders and owners of those projects contributing to the city’s mitigation fund in order to provide funding that contributes to a better quality of life in the neighborhood.

At the December meeting of the CNC, board member Margaret Bradley announced 13 organizations had received a combined $105,000 in contributions from a mitigation fund.

The fund originally was initially awarded $962,000 in 2003 with money from developments that on land by the Central Artery North Area project.

According to CNC officials, additional funds maybe added if there are future residential developments on parcels 3 and 6.

Presently, the fund is planning to distribute mitigation funding for the next 2 years.

CNC members commented on the benefits to local organizations from this mitigation fund but were concerned what would happen to some local organizations when the mitigation fund runs dry.

“We may argue the value of some projects and of their impact on the neighborhood,” said CNC Chairman Tom Cunha. “But there is no argument about valuable mitigation funding is to local organizations worthy of it.”

If your organization would like to apply for next year’s round of grants, contact a member of the CNC.

The following organizations received the following:

Charlestown Girls Softball $4,000

Charleston Youth Soccer $6,000

Charlestown Youth Hockey $12,000

Charlestown Little League $12,000

Charleston Lacrosse and Learning $10,000

Gardens for Charlestown $3,000

Battle of Bunker Hill Parade $6,000

Charlestown Working Theater $12,000

Kennedy Center $12,000

Special Townies $12,000

Mishawaum Park Tenants $5,000

Charlestown Sprouts $5,000

Harvest on the Vine $6,000

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