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If a parent has any info/photo of their child participating in a sports or recreational activity (elementary school, high school, college, or otherwise), please E-Mail me at [email protected] and I will be sure to include the info/photo in a column.  I’d also love to hear about any honor roll students or scholar athletes, or just about any story which would recognize the accomplishments of past and present “Townies.”

“Townie” sports update

Senior assistant captain Katie O’Neil and the Boston Latin 4-person crew team finished in second place at the New England Regional Crew Championships.  They also qualified to compete in the National High School Championships, which will be held in Tennessee…Caitlee Carrier and her College of the Elms softball team (22-15) were eliminated from the Division III New England Championships by number two-seeded Brandeis University…Brewster Academy (14-1) and standout Aaron Titcomb have advanced to the semi-finals of the New England Prep School championship…Congratulations go out to Latin Academy seniors Bevin Donovan and Kayla DeRosa, who have led their softball team to the best record in school history.  The Lady Dragons have advanced to the quarterfinal round of the MIAA Division III tournament…Reserve goalie Brendan Cantin and his Arlington Catholic lacrosse team has advanced to the Division II quarterfinal round.

Little League News

For the latest up-to-date information, as well as standings and stats, go to the Charlestown Little League website at  There is also a photo album icon on the main menu which contains more than a hundred individual and action photos of the players.

Israel Vega hit for the cycle, and rookies Mark Gahn (2 hits), Ronan O’Hara (outstanding relief pitching) and Matt Lakus (3 hits) made their presence felt as Jenny’s Pizza (10-2) took over sole possession of first place with a convincing victory over the Cronin Club.  Pitcher Sean Wrenn picked up the win, his third of the season and Nolan McLaughlin and Jack Hartnett each blasted homers for the Cronin Club…Third-baseman Melvin Jones (2 hits, 2 runs) and shortstop Tyler Goldman (2 hits, 2 RBIs) made sensational rally-killing defensive plays and rising star Devin Gallagher (2-2) sawed off the potent Teamsters bats with an aggressive, pound the strike zone, quick-pitch style as the Boys and Girls Club shellacked the two-time defending champs.  Cameron DelValle (2 hits 5 RBIs), Donald Villatoro (2 walks, 2 runs), Eduardo Mendes and Rashaun Brown (double, 2 runs) also swung hot bats…Nolan Trapp blasted a clutch game-winning single as Eagle Elevator bested the Knights of Columbus in walk-off fashion…Richie Ford belted a grand slam to allow his Century 21 team to maintain their hold on first place with a key victory over the CHAD A’s.



Jennys Pizza                         11-2

Teamsters Local 25            11-3

McCarthys Liquors             6-6

Boys & Girls Club                3-11

Cronin Club                          2-11



Michael Ward                      4-1

Anthony Bolger   3-0

Nolan Doherty     3-0

Sean Wrenn                          3-0

Jake Scanlon                        3-0

Chris Tucker                         3-1

Sahdat Arroyo     3-1

Devin Gallagher   2-2



Jake Scanlon                        7

Michael Ward                      4

Hughie O’Donnell                4

Sahdat Arroyo     3

Nolan McLaughlin              2

Israel Vega                            2

Daniel Settipani   2

Cameron DelValle               2

Jack Hartnett                       1

Luke Von Hunnius              1

Colin Sullivan                       1


Soccer tryouts for travel teams

Tryouts for the boys and girls Under-10 Fall travel teams will be held on Tuesday, June 13 and Wednesday, June 14 from 6:30-8:00 PM at the Charlestown High School athletic field.  The Under-12 and Under-14 boys and girls Fall travel teams will hold their tryouts on Wednesday, June 15 and Thursday, June 16 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.  For more information, visit the Charlestown Youth Soccer website at

Who is a “Townie”?

The term “Townie” can be used as a badge of honor, as in “I’m a proud Townie,” or as a negative inference, such as “typical Townie.”  It’s used as a moniker for athletic teams; referenced on internet websites and in print media; displayed on bumper stickers; and featured as a logo on baseball hats, T-shirts, sweaters and jackets.  The essence of the word “Townie” depends on its usage and on a person’s predisposed point of view.  Lord knows the word “Townie” has been dragged through the mud due to circumstances relating to forced bussing, criminal enterprise, juvenile mischief and drug addiction.  That being said, I interpret the “Townie” moniker in a more positive light, and always will.

Some feel strongly that you can only be a “Townie” if you were born and raised in Charlestown.  You’re even still considered a “Townie” if you move out because “once a Townie, always a Townie.”           Yes, a “Townie” is most often associated with someone who grew up here, but in my opinion, it also means you must have done something to help the community.

Lisa McGoff Collins is a “Townie,” so is Joe “Gunn” McGonagle, Doug McDonald, David Whelan, Beth Burton, John Killoran, Peter Looney, Rudy Doenges, Ed Callahan, Arthur Hurley, Joan Rae, “Jimbo” Tucker, “Doc” Sheehan, Jim Sheehan, Jack “Sugar” Whelan, Paul Herrick, Karen Myers Scales, Andrea Hingston, Mimi Wrenn, Leo Breen, Ronan Fitzpatrick, Ed Kelly, Bill Durette, Gerard and Marilyn Doherty, Jack Shievink, Marty Fabiano, Debbie Hughes, Ginny Mansfield, Kelly Tucker, Tommy Howard, Jason Gallagher, Sharlene Cahill, Bob Rooney, Phil Coleman, Steve Sweeney, Nicole Matson, Tom Cuhna, Dennis Taylor, Sharon Fidler, John Taglilatela, Kathy Giordano, Eddie and “Cissy” Greatorex, Russell Goggett, Derek Gallagher, Danny O’Neil, Stan Leonard, Mark DelValle, Shannon McLaughlin, Mike Charbonnier, Joe Evers, “Twinkle” Woods, Aileen Gorman, Kristin and Jennifer Johnson, Judy Evers, Kelleigh Harrington, Marty O’Brien, Jack Duffy, Pauline Carrier, Florence Johnson, Charlie McGonagle and Phil Carr.  This list of “Townies” is truly endless.

Jim Conway, Mel Stillman, Mary MacGinnis, Michael Quinn, Bill McCabe, John Walsh, Ann Considine, Dan McGoff, Catherine O’Brien, Karen Langan, Joe Barnes, Warren Butler, Bryan McGonagle, Hervey Mayotte, Shawn Gordon, Terry Ring, Tom Celata, John Brennan, Jimmy Powers, Mike Stillman, Michelle Gorman, Ralph Goodwin, Kathy Fitzpatrick Duncan, Pat Sullivan, Mark Chisholm, Dick Curtin, Matty O’Neil, Mary Brennan, Guy LaPointe, Anthony Matson and Dennis Borden were “Townies.”  This is another endless list.

You can move out of Charlestown and still be a “Townie.”  Jim “Dinga” Houlihan, “Lefty” Devlin, Pat Sweeney, Paul Jackson, Joe Zuffante, Kevin O’Halloran, Bernie Kelly, Greg Jackson, Jack O’Callahan and Phil Kelly are still “Townies.”

Some people have relocated to Charlestown and immersed themselves into the fabric of our community.  Lindy Williamson, Tony Viveiros, Dave Cahill, Kim Perry, Al Carrier, Steve Virgilio, Gerard Kennedy, Pat Simpson, Kara Ryan, Dave Jacoby, Karen Sullivan, Billy Cantin, Carl Jahn and Kelli Pelligrini are “Townies” too.  Again, an endless list.

I also believe it’s not where you were born that makes you a “Townie,” it’s what you do.  You are a “Townie” if you: served in the military, volunteered as a “Townie” Santa, prepared Thanksgiving meals for the elderly, shoveled a neighbor’s path on the sidewalk, turned in a lost wallet, participated in a park clean-up, contributed to a food pantry, assisted the disabled, mentored at-risk teenagers, belong to a union, spent quality time with your children, tipped a breakfast waitress generously, helped raise money for the poor, served as a youth athletic coach, picked up litter and threw it in the trash, respected your elders, helped someone change a flat tire, dropped bags of clothes into a Goodwill container, bought Girl Scout cookies, attended religious services regularly, held the door open for the person behind you, gave someone a book to read, or let others know if they were doing something wrong.

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