City Hit with Another Heavy Snowstorm

By Joshua Resnek

Monument Avenue on Wednesday morning. (J. Resnek photo)

Charlestown awakened Wednesday morning to more than a foot of snow, which buried the neighborhood and pretty much closed it down for the day.

Charlestown looked quintessentially New England, Boston gorgeous – Monument Square and the Bunker Hill Monument itself – with red brick and lighter granite highlighted against the pure white of the snow glow brightly.

Everything was covered by a brilliant, stunningly bold patina of white.

And for much of the day, the snow came out of the sky without stopping.

With an emergency snow ban in effect, the parking situation, which is always bad, was made substantially worse.

And with the new state law on liability for injuries caused by failure to remove snow from sidewalks and walkways in effect, the results of the storm were made that much worse as homeowners and businesspeople all had to busy themselves with shoveling. Those homeowners and businessowners who failed to remove the snow were ticketed by ISD officials.

A number of automobiles were towed. Side streets were largely clear but passage was difficult and extremely tenuous as the snow turned to ice in many places when the temperature dropped late Wednesday morning.

The storm intensified in the afternoon with plowing operations ongoing continuously into the evening.

No injuries were reported locally by Boston Police.

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