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Boys U-10 Division 3C

Charlestown 5, Stoneham 0 — The “Townies” (5-0-1) overwhelmed Stoneham with a relentless offensive barrage (26-5 shots-on-net advantage) to maintain sole possession of second place in their division. Forwards Aidan Shea (assist, 5 shots), John Gaudian (goal, 3 shots) and Daniel Sigmund (3 shots) played their usual stellar games, with Shea and Sigmund (2 saves) sharing goaltending duties in the second half. What made this victory so impressive, however, was the otherworldly play of the midfielders, who put on quite a show for the fans. Matthew Coviello (2 goals, 7 shots) had a breakout game making several nifty rushes with sleight-of-foot dribbling and misdirection shooting accuracy. Conor Kelly (goal, assist, 4 shots) and Ryan Messer (goal, assist, 3 shots) were also a two-man wrecking crew, consistently charging to the net for quality scoring chances. As if that wasn’t enough, Quinlan Carroll (2 shots) and Owen Sullivan, who has emerged as the team’s defensive leader, stymied Stoneham rushers with an iron-tight, in-your-face style. Sullivan, in particular, has been a solid performer in helping his team notch three shutouts this year. Goaltender Jeremy Shea (2 saves) picked up his second win of the year with a shutout first half.

Boys U-10 Division 4D

By Carl Jahn

Charlestown 3, Reading 0 — Coming after a win against Medford and a close loss against divisional powerhouse Malden, the “Townies” (2-5-0) felt that they had finally turned the corner of their early season losses and could now match up against any team in their division. This new team attitude foreshadowed Saturday’s dominant win over Reading. Prior to the game coach Sergei Sachek huddled up the teams halfbacks and forwards (Colin Devalle, Aaron Wadman, Dominic Slesar Kennedy, John Desimone, Daniel Kennedy and Henry Alitz) and urged them to follow the “all for one and one for all””attacking teamwork of the Three Musketeers. The group took this motto to heart as first Slesar, then Devalle, and with seconds to go Wadman each netted goals. If the halfbacks and forwards were the Musketeers, then defenders and goaltenders Daniel Bryan (fullback), Anthony Sachek (goalie 1st half), and Oscar Eldh Jahn (goalie 2nd half) were a collective d’Artagnan, who defended with steely determination turning back all Reading rushes and setting a new standard of powerful clears. So effective were their clears that Bryan and Eldh Jahn both collected assists (Eldh Jahn as goalie) as their driving boots across midfield led to Delvalle and Wadman breakaway scores.

Girls U-12 Division 3C

By Jennifer Ruhle

Stoneham 4, Charlestown 1 — The “Townies” knew they had a difficult game ahead of them with only seven girls in total able to play, which meant playing down a person and a lot of running for all of the players. However, the girls took the field with a good attitude, ready to play. Stoneham got a few quick goals in the first half to take the lead, but in the second half, Charlestown showed a new side to them and made great passes and were continuously first to the ball. Standout forward Jackie Gentis scored the lone goal and there were several other quality goal attempts by Charlestown. Goal time was shared by Hailey McLaughlin, Chloe Shea and Ella Moyes. They did a great job along with very strong defensive play by Kailey Kennedy-Slesar and Julia Jacoby. Overall, Charlestown showed a lot of hustle on the field and made the second half a much more even match.

Girls U-12 Division 3B

By Shana Sylvester

Charlestown 5, Medford 0 — Despite the strong, cold winds blowing across the field, the “Townies” (2-4-0) celebrated another great victory. The girls now have two wins this season and are on a strong roll. Townie captains for the game were Rudy Dunlea and Maeve Fitz. Caitlyn McDermott played another great game in goal, during the second half she made an amazing save catching a high shot out of the air. The girls scored four times during the first half of the game, giving them a real advantage. The first goal was scored by Fitz off a corner kick from Josie Hoyt. The second goal was scored by midfielder Isabelle Charbonnier from a nice corner kick from Dunlea. Defender Emily Pardy scored the third goal from outside the goalie box, again off a corner kick from Dunlea. The fourth and final goal for the first half was scored by Fitz from outside the goalie box with her strong shot. During the second half the girls played strong offense and defense against Medford keeping them from scoring any goals and getting one more goal to make it 5 to 0. The fifth and final goal of the game was scored by Charbonnier on an unbelievable follow through on the ball when the Medford goalie fumbled it out of her hands. Forwards Anneli Merivaara and Hannah Reed had an amazing game with a few great breakaways that almost resulted in goals. Lucy Donovan and Lauren Sweeney played great defense, keeping Medford on their side of the field for most of the game and quickly sending the ball back whenever it crossed midfield. Caroline Adduci played another great game, spending some time at all positions to help out the team. Adduci carried the ball towards Medford’s net at every opportunity. Another strong game by all the girls, congratulations on another great win! The girls play Wilmington at Charlestown High School (Fireman’s Field) this Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

Boys U10-3

Wilmington 2, Charlestown 0 — This Charlestown team had a tough game on Saturday as they faced Wilmington and battled the wind! Unfortunately for this C-town team, the wind was NOT behind their backs and they suffered their second loss of the season, losing to Wilmington, 2-0. The theme of this game was the wind and the Wilmington team’s defense, who were impenetrable. Charlestown started the game with a strong line-up and had some great shots on goal, but they couldn’t get anything past Wilmington’s goalie. Goalie Fergus Sullivan did a great job of keeping his eye on the ball and battling Wilmington’s attempts at goal. He had great support with a strong defense of William Moody, Calvin Szulc and Christopher Reed, who continue to impress us with their kicking skills as they strive to keep that soccer ball out of the C-town goal. Cole Strachan had the save of the game while in goal during the first half. It was an amazing block! Scott Sigmund, Giancarlo Marte, Owen Sullivan and James Keneally all had some great shots on goal. And the play that sank the day was a breakaway by Owen Sullivan, who passed it across the field to Scott Sigmund who was lined up nicely near the Wilmington goal, but the ref called “off-sides”, forgetting that this league doesn’t incorporate the off-sides rule for this age group. She accommodated the wrong call with having the two teams face off against each other w/ a drop ball, but it wasn’t enough to let C-town recapture their stride. We look forward to seeing this team face off against Somerville next Saturday and hopefully the wind will be at their backs and a win in their pocket!

Girls U10-2

Charlestown 2, Somerville 1 — Our girls got their first taste of victory on a beautiful but windy Saturday, defeating Somerville 2-1.  The team, lead by captains Lucie King and Alta Godfrey, started off strong, with Quinlan O’Brien and Claire Lakus working together as forwards, supported by Lucie King as midi.  The offense was aggressive and relentless, moving the ball forward and having numerous shots on goal.   Maggie G., Juliette Lowery  and Jolie Doherty provided an excellent line of defense, as did Katie Evans in goal, allowing only one goal to be scored in the first half.  The second half started in much the same way, with Charlestown dominating the game.  Alta Godfrey had a breakaway about halfway into the half,  took a shot on goal and scored.  With the score now tied at 1-1, Charlestown continued to put on the pressure, led by Quinlan O’Brien, Clara Reed, Katie Evans and Lucie King on offense.  As they moved towards the Somerville goal, Katie Evans made an excellent pass to Clara Reed who took a shot on goal and scored.  The defense, led again by Jolie Doherty, Juliette Lowery and Maggie G. had a strong second half, hustling up the field to support the offense, and to take the throw ins.  Claire Lakus showed a strong performance as goalie in the second half.  Great job grats!

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