DiDomenico’s Bill Supporting Children With Diabetes in School Passes Senate

Last week the State Senate passed Senator DiDomenico’s legislation which would support students managing diabetes in our schools. H.5052 An Act providing for diabetes management in schools would address the critical need for increased diabetes management services in schools for children living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes throughout the Commonwealth. This bill would allow school nurses to share monitoring responsibilities with teachers and other trusted adults in the classroom.

Currently, students who cannot self-administer treatment for their diabetes must excuse themselves from class in order to be treated by the school nurse or school physician. This takes up immense amounts of time and is incredibly disruptive and detrimental to students’ academic and social success. This legislation would allow monitoring and treatment to finally be provided by an adult who is delegated by the school nurse or physician and ease the burden on students managing their diabetes.

“I know how hard and time consuming it is to manage diabetes for many of our students, and I was proud to sponsor this legislation and advocate for its passage in the Senate,” said Senator DiDomenico, Assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate. “We are in a time right now where we are reimagining schools and how we can best support our families. This one simple tool will allow countless students to finally be able to remain in their classrooms and receive the education and school experience they deserve!”

Having passed the House and Senate, An Act providing for diabetes management in schools now goes on to the Governor for his signature.

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