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Thank You, Paula Reveliotis

To the Editor,

I would like to thank Paula Reveliotis for awarding me the John Reveliotis Scholarship in memory of Fr. Pat Healy. This scholarship will be a tremendous help as I begin my high school education at Malden Catholic. My family and I are extremely grateful for this generous award.   

Cole Tucker

Where’s the Audit?

To the Editor,

I read with interest the Friends of Peace Park letter (June 16, 2022 issue) pleading to save their funding.

However, before any funding goes forward, perhaps the “Friends” could answer for the $135,000.00 expenditure already deducted from the $500,000.00.  Could a few painted pebbles and several benches have cost over $100,000.00?

Which begs the question of Community Preservation Coalition appropriations.  According the CPA Projects – Detailed Report, available on line, $500,000.00 was approved on March 31, 2021 for …” Partial funding for design…capital improvements, including site preparation, paving, lighting, built features, furnishings and water access…”  Where are those improvements and why does this slab of concrete facing the highway need water access?

The Sprouts Community Garden at Little Mystic Channel Park received $112,000.00 for  flourishing gardens, growing beautiful plants and vegetables, sustained by the labor of the surrounding community of affordable housing.

These gardeners were forced to carry water from their homes to nourish the gardens when their water source was shut down by the contractors to build concrete garden beds.  A neighbor and I helped supply some water, driving gallons to the gardens for several weeks until their water source was finally restored.

Gerald Robbins, the contact person for Sprouts Community Gardens, said that they had no money to help in any way (i.e., transporting water; finding a temporary solution for an accessible water source).

The point is, why was so much money appropriated to “Peace Park” – a dead slab on which I, who walk past every day, have never seen a human body –  and so little to Sprouts Community Garden, a working, food producing garden diligently and lovingly tended by members of the community?

Where’s the audit?  The “Detailed Report” has only one detail – amount granted.  All other descriptive numbers in the report are 0.

Alice Lahnstein

A Beautiful Experience

To the Editor,

On Sunday, June 5, for the first time in Charlestown, a “PMC (Pan-Mass Challenge) Kids Ride” was held at Paul Revere Park under the Zakim Bridge. It was a beautiful experience to see approximately 56 young children, between the ages of 2 and 15, riding a bicycle, scooter, or whatever to raise funds for cancer treatment and research. The event was organized by Rebecca Shortle, a resident of Charlestown with young children, who felt an obligation to make a difference and bring our community together in a meaningful way.

Many parents and friends, including a few veteran PMCer’s, guided the young riders through the route.  It was interesting that the ride took place at Paul Revere Park because Paul Revere, back in April 1775, was one of the individuals who rode their horses from Boston to Lexington to warn the patriots of the approach of the British. On June 5th of 2022, 56 young children, supported by family and friends, rode their bikes and scooters to raise approximately $12,000 to fight cancer.

The PMC is a bike-a-thon, started in 1980 to raise funds for cancer treatment and research. With this year’s goal being $66 million, to date the PMC has raised $831 million and 100% of all rider-raised funds goes directly to Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund. Although the “kids ride” was less than a mile in distance, the August PMC ride is a 192-mile, 2-day, ride from Sturbridge to Provincetown with other variations and routes. Over the years many Charlestown residents have been involved with the PMC and we are grateful for their commitment.  The ride is held in the first weekend of August, and anyone wishing to ride, volunteer or support should contact the PMC website at pmc.org.

Michael W. Kelleher III

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