Letter to the Editor

Earth Day, Unity in a Community

To the Editor:

Saturday, April 23, 12 to 3pm, is a day dedicated to “investing in the planet” in Charlestown.  We, the Pier5.org plan the day’s activities “investing in each other,” as the cornerstone of the day.

Our community is diverse, dedicated, and dependent on each other to bring out the best in each one of us. We all strive for a safe, clean, environment as well as learning, listening, and getting to know all our neighbors.   We hope that many will join the activities for Earth Day in the Navy Yard as so much is planned for the whole community.

For the children: a children’s author, Mr. Jerry Pallotta, will be visiting, a book swap of used books, making bookmarks from recycled materials, face painting, and Bruc, The Bubbleman will be joining the fun activities.

More for the kids and adults: E-inc, our science partner in the Navy Yard, an Oyster Project, Bootstraps Compost, Eastie Farms, the Fire Department, a map project and of course live music. Enjoy a delicious Hoodies from HOOD.  A water truck will be available to refill your water bottles.

Paul Revere and his wife Rachel Revere will be with us to share our history and let everyone know about his row across the harbor to Charlestown before his Midnight Night Ride.

Cycleboat Boston has generously made available rides, so get here early and sign up!

Courageous Sailing Center will be joining us, so come learn about sailing on the Boston Harbor!

Our local ice cream shop, Emack and Bolio’s has donated gift certificates to add to the day’s donations.  

What you can do to help the day’s events: Harvest on Vine will be here to inform us all about the food needs here in Charlestown. If possible, bring a canned good, non-perishable item and/or a donation to this wonderful cause. “We are all in this together.”

If you can bring a used book, plan on swapping books and a book bag made from recycled materials will be given out.

Lastly, the most important part of the day will be the opportunity to meet all our neighbors.

Greet someone you don’t know, enjoy the day, learn how we each can help the planet, and have fun!

Support our efforts for a public, open for all Pier 5 Park!

Enjoy being on our iconic waterfront and support a public park at Pier 5. Charlestown needs and deserves a vibrant blue and green environment, now and to celebrate Boston’s 250th anniversary in 2025; and Charlestown’s 400th anniversary of our historic founding in 2030.


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