School Masking Is Not a Parental Matter

According to an interview in the Boston Globe, a member (who is a medical doctor) of the unpaid COVID-19 advisory panel to Gov. Charlie Baker made this statement regarding masking by children in public schools: “Regardless of science, and there isn’t a lot of science, it’s important that parents feel strongly and that needs to be at the forefront of decision-making.”

We’ll just state our view bluntly: That is the most idiotic statement we have heard from anyone (other than a Republican governor from the South) on the issue of whether students should wear masks in school.

There IS a lot of science about the benefits of masking to halt the spread of the disease. But beyond that, parents are the LEAST competent persons to weigh in on this issue. The average parent has no expertise about COVID-19, both as to the health of their own child and as to the overall health implications for other students and school employees.

Until we have the pandemic under control, masking (and vaccinations) should be mandatory in our public schools for everyone, a few ignorant and loudmouth parents notwithstanding.

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