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I Support Michelle Wu

Dear Editor:

I first met Michelle Wu over five years ago when she came to speak at an event our Union (OPEIU Local 453) was hosting at the Transportation building. She showed up with her two boys who at the time were a toddler and infant. She got to the event on the T, and I was immediately impressed that someone of her stature, and with the extenuating circumstance of having to deal with her children, did so with enthusiasm.

At the event she immediately demonstrated how much of an impact the MBTA had on the serious issues facing the city: climate change, housing, local businesses, and equity. Afterwards we talked about our vision for the MBTA. I mentioned that ever since I received my employee ID, I started referring to it as my Platinum Charlie Card because it allowed me to use any system for free within the Authority! I said it made me start thinking about how we could make the MBTA a free system and together we started visualizing how that could work.

I don’t know if I was the catalyst for Michelle’s Fare Free Transportation policy, but I do know that she has been thinking about it for a long time, well before she decided to run for Mayor. She inherently understands that in this day and age, public transportation needs to be a service provided to everyone, just as all the roads and bridges are provided to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Is this an easy task? Absolutely not!

Will it require a concerted effort by the State, Cities and Municipalities? Most certainly!

Will the management of the MBTA have to start running the Authority more effectively, listen to the workers, and take responsibility in managing cost of projects and finishing them in a timely manner? Without a doubt!

Some people may think that Fare Free Transportation is out of reach; I on the other hand feel blessed that the next Mayor of Boston thinks it is possible and necessary. Michelle Wu has been and will continue to advocate for a Transportation system that will represent the needs of Boston.

Tim Lasker

Thank You

Dear Charlestown

 Old School Boys,

Thank you again for your support in helping further my education in Health Science at Stonehill College. This scholarship will help my family very much with book rental and other school supply costs. I would like to thank you for helping me and my family financially especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. I can now further my education and become a Physical Therapist, thanks to your help along the way.

Rory Carrier

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