Thank you to the ‘Angel from Chestnut Street’

Louise Potter trudged around in the deep snow last Friday behind the Mass General Hospital, painstakingly looking for the address of her appointment – but to no avail.
Having abided by the calls to stay home and not go out, Potter was making a rare trip out of the home the day after a major snowstorm to visit two doctor’s appointments. However, the second was becoming harder and harder to find and she grew frustrated and a little anxious and out of breath.
That’s when a woman Potter only knows as ‘Donna’ came by and could tell she needed help. And wouldn’t you know Donna was also from Charlestown?
“I have breathing issues which worsen with the cold, wind, walking up hill, and wearing a mask,” she said. “As I walked through the hospital to exit the back,
I walk around about 10 minutes to no avail; I could not find the address.
I met a girl coming towards me and I asked her if she knew where Hawthorne Place was. She was so helpful she pulled out her phone and Googled it.
She said, ‘Come with me.’ I told her I didn’t want to take her out of her way, but she said not to worry and we’d find it.”
After both of them wandered up and down stairs and ramps and buidings, they still couldn’t find the address. Potter said she was becoming short of breath and tired. At that point, Donna noticed and went and got a wheelchair for Potter.
“She was gone 10 minutes or so and not only did she find the Doctors office where I had the appointment, but also she went back to the hospital and borrowed a wheelchair for me,” said Potter. :She wheeled me up a hill and into a side street where the buildings were.”
Potter said she tried to offer Donna money, but she refused. She said she just wanted to help and that’s what people do for one another.
“I told her I didn’t even know her name, but she said it was Donna,” said Potter. “As it turns out, we both come from Charlestown. She said she lives on Chestnut Street, and if I were her mother, she would want someone to stop and take the time to help her.”
Potter said she was so grateful and wanted to thank Donna – her Angel from Chestnut Street.
“I can’t thank her enough and I want her to know I hope she gets rewarded for her kindness, and if she ever needs help, I hope she finds someone as kind as her,” said Potter.

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