Impaled! Soley Street Neighbors Get Creative With Halloween

Neighbors on Soley Street are getting creative with the socially-distanced Halloween protocols, sponsoring a special Pumpkin Impalement display on the fences at the corner of Soley Street and Monument Square.

With Halloween Trick-or-Treating off the table, and other creative ideas on the table, neighbors on Soley Street have set out to invite everyone in the Town to “spike” their Jack O’Lanterns on the top of fences on the street. The idea would be to create a unique and fun line-up of pumpkins carved by kids, families and adults throughout the Town.

The first step is to procure and carve a pumpkin, the more creative the better. Then residents are invited to walk down to the corner of Soley Street on Monument Square between noon and 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 24 and 25) and impale it on the fence. Organizers ask everyone to be mindful of social-distancing, wearing a mask and avoiding gathering in groups when delivering the pumpkin.

Contact Paige or John at (650) 740-5303 upon arrival if anyone needs help correctly impaling the pumpkin.

Below are some directions:

•Choose the right size pumpkin – 4-5 inches wide, taller than it is round and soft enough to carve.

•Leave the top on.

•Cut a ¾ inch hole in the middle of the bottom for the spike.

•Carve a face.

•Remove the innards of the pumpkin through the facial features.

•Bring the pumpkin down during the proper times Saturday and Sunday.

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