Local Officials Endorse Dan Ryan for Re-Election in the Second Suffolk

Election Day in the race for the Second Suffolk district is coming quickly. Two prominent Chelsea City Councilors touted their long-standing working relationships with State Representative Dan Ryan by endorsing him this past week.

Councilor Calvin T. Brown announced his endorsement of Ryan in a letter sent to his closest supporters in Chelsea.

“Dan’s experience in our city and his ability to move government has brought vital state resources to bear on the issues we face today. Dan has led by working collaboratively with city government. I am proud to support his re-election,” announced City-Councilor Cal Brown.

“Councilor Brown and I have worked well together over the years. As a City Councilor, and in his former role as a State Committee person, I’ve always trusted Cal’s understanding of the issues and his instincts in politics,” replied Ryan. “I’m truly grateful for his support.”

Councilor Leo Robinson also released a similar statement this week.

“Dan and I have worked on many issues together over the years,” he said. “Most recently, navigating the State House to deliver a home rule petition that will positively impact the way we deliver public housing in Chelsea. I am pleased to support his re-election.”

“I’ve always appreciated Councilor Robinson’s knowledge of the issues confronting Chelsea but more importantly, his understanding of how city government works to address those issues,” said Ryan. “Leo’s experience in times like this are indispensable. I’m honored to have his endorsement.”

These most recent announcements added to the many endorsements of Ryan that have been rolled out throughout the campaign. They provide a glimpse into Ryan’s local support in the Second Suffolk District. Out of the gate, back in June, Ryan announced the support of Second Suffolk resident Attorney General Maura Healey, Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards who represents half of the district and of course, State Senator Sal DiDomenico who represents both Chelsea and Charlestown.

“This broad, local support sends an important message. At a time when the country is pulling itself apart with partisan squabbling, we here in the Second Suffolk District, in Chelsea and Charlestown, pull together to support one another in the work we are doing. This synergy is why we’ve been able to respond to the issues that confront us in a positive, pro-active way,” said Ryan.

Ryan was also recently endorsed by the Chelsea Ward 4 Democratic Committee, made up of local political activists. Last week, Ryan also announced support from the AFL-CIO along with many affiliated locals. These labor unions represent thousands of workers here Chelsea and Charlestown. Ryan said these endorsements are just the tip of the iceberg; they signify large swaths of support from within the district with more to come.

“It’s important to show that the people who live, work and play in Chelsea and Charlestown and the people they choose to represent them understand the work we do together everyday to move our cities and government forward. It’s a good feeling to be recognized by the people you’ve worked closely with over the years,” said Ryan.

Dan Ryan is in his third term as the State Representative for the Second Suffolk District. The Second Suffolk district contains much of Chelsea and the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston.

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