PDM Announces Endorsement of Damali Vidot or State Representative

Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts (PDM) is delighted to announce our endorsement of Damali Vidot in her campaign to represent the Second Suffolk District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

PDM is a statewide network of progressive activists, dedicated to promoting economic, social, and environmental justice, truly democratic government, and progressive values in Massachusetts.  Active since 2003, PDM pursues these goals through sustained grassroots work on issues at the state and local level, supporting progressive candidates, and enhancing the capacity and effectiveness of activists through training, network building, and collaboration with other progressive organizations.

In each election cycle, PDM focuses on a targeted set of races that can make a significant contribution to building a state legislature that will advance a progressive agenda and an open and transparent legislative process that enhances citizen engagement in our democracy.

“We are enthusiastically endorsing Damali Vidot because she has the knowledge and the energy to assess and tackle the many serious challenges her district is facing in the era of COVID-19.”, said Jeanne Kempthorne of the Leadership Team at Progressive Democrats. “Damali not only understands the needs of the people of Chelsea and Charlestown, but she knows how important it is to work with others to build coalitions in order to get things done.”

Currently serving her third term as Chelsea City Councilor, Damali made history by becoming the first woman to lead the City as Council President for two consecutive terms following her role as Vice President in her first term. She has used her platform on the City Council to consistently center the most vulnerable residents by passing legislation to protect tenants and homeowners from being displaced out of her rapidly developing city; suing ExxonMobil for polluting the Mystic River; co-sponsoring and passing a wage theft ordinance; and, most recently, rallying nonprofit leaders, Chelsea government officials, medical professionals, to secure critical resources from Governor Baker in the peak of Chelsea’s fight against COVID-19.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement from Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts, which has been a consistent beacon for progressive change in Massachusetts. I’m ready to work together to bring transparent, community-driven change for the people of Charlestown and Chelsea.”

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