Stolen Flowers Re-Appear Through Good Deeds

Stealing flowers from the window boxes or the front steps is bad enough, but stealing them from the front of a church certainly requires some significant confession time.

However, good deeds come from all angles and this week the stolen flower boxes from in front of St. Mary’s Church have been replaced, not by the thief, but rather by a good deed.

Parishioner Thomas Annaratone had placed a letter in the Patriot Bridge last week imploring those who stole the flowers to return them. That didn’t happen, but floral designer Christine Kerans – a long-time member of the community in Charlestown – answered the call. Kerans, who worked for years at Bunker Hill Florist and lived in Charlestown 20 years before opening her own business, Christine K Floral Designs, in Stoneham recently, has done the arrangements for the church for several years.

When she heard about the thievery, she spoke to Annaratone, who said he would pay her to do them over.

“It’s bad enough to steal, but to steal from a church is really bad,” she said. “Tom asked if we could replace it with something and I said ‘Sure.’ It was hard to duplicate what was there because the plants that had been there were purchased in May and they aren’t available in late July. I took some extras from what was left there and re-used it. Tom offered to pay for it and I declined. I donated it and everyone was thrilled. A good deed should be a good deed.”

And this Sunday, parishioners will once again be greeted with familiar flowers at the doorstep of St. Mary’s.

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