CNC Gets Visit from Mayor Walsh on Zoom Planning Meeting

The Charlestown Neighborhood Council (CNC) had a nice online surprise earlier this month when they conducted a Zoom planning meeting of the members, and had Mayor Martin Walsh show up as a guest to address their questions – which were submitted ahead of time.

Secretary Peg Bradley said it was an informative time, and it was also a new challenge for all the members to get online and work out the kinks. Innovation was key, but the meeting progressed very well she said.

“The mayor was really good at it and he really enjoys that kind of thing,” she said. “There were really good points made and good information. He was really friendly and really accommodating. We had to meet by Zoom because of the restrictions, and it had to be a planning meeting rather than a public meeting because of that.”

The first half of the planning session dealt with COVID-19 questions to the mayor. They discussed face coverings, testing sites, construction re-opening, summer jobs for youth and the Boston Planning and Development Agency’s planning effort that is now online but not meeting publicly.

The second part of the meeting dealt primarily with how the CNC planned to disperse the Spaulding Rehab community grants that are usually given out at this time of year. A process had played out as usual with the grant committee prior to COVID-19, but now things have been put in a different light.

Bradley said this is the last year of funding from the Spaulding money for community grants, and at their June meeting they will discuss exactly how they wish to proceed with the process.

Beyond that, the CNC announced this week they will attempt to hold an in-person meeting on June 23 at the Knights Hall. It would be the first in-person community meeting since March to be held if it goes off. It is expected that City Councillor Michelle Wu will join them, and masks will be required and safety guidelines enforced.

Below is the official notice:

“NOTICE – Due to the status of the Boston restrictions with respect to COVID-19 and the current regulations, the Charlestown Neighborhood Council will wait to hold its next public meeting on Tuesday June 23, 7pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 545 Medford Street. City Councilor Michelle Wu will be joining us.

If you decide to attend, wear a mask and follow the guidelines for a safe visit. We will be monitoring the number of people attending the meeting with a maximum according to the rules posted in June. According to those regulations there will be seating at a distance for the council members and the public. 

Contact any one of us at or Quinlan Locke, our City Hall liaison ([email protected]), with any neighborhood- or other city-related concerns. Take special care of yourself, your family, and our community at this time.”

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