Old Charlestown Schoolboys Cancels Banquet, Announces Scholarships

In what has been a tradition going back more than 100 years, the Old Charlestown Schoolboys Association announced the streak will be broken this year – cancelling their banquet that was to be held this week.

“Due to the ongoing virus, the 2020 Old Charlestown Schoolboys Banquet has been cancelled,” said Jim O’Brien, vice president of the Association. “But a number of scholarship applications were submitted…We applaud these young men for scholastic excellence, athletic prowess and community service.”

The winners collected $27,000 worth of scholarships. The winners include:

•Conor P. Kelly (Palledoes/Powers) Oak St.

•Patrick O. Kelly (Ralph W. Brown) Oak St.

•Charles J. Page (Bertha F. Brown) Bartlett St.

•Jeremy S. Shea (Francis & John McGee) Lyndeborn St.

•William H. Moody (Rbt., James, Thomas Smith) Pleasant St.

•Oscar F. Eldhjohn (F.F. Patrick Kelly) Pearl St.

•Matthew Coviello (Mark Bavis) Tremont St.

•Matthew J. Lakus (John Boyle O’Reilly) Short St.

•Declan R. Coleman (Mary Gill Flanagan) Union St.

•Devin J. Gallagher (Joseph/Mary Gill) Chestnut St.

•John Reilly (Joseph A. Gill) Russell St.

•Joseph H. Griffith (Pat Doherty) Pearl St.

•Rory T. Carrier (Majestic Knights) Oak St.

•Sean R. Wrenn (Jonathan Greatorex) Washington St.

•John K. Walsh (Fr. Robert Smith) Monument Ave.

•Dominic K. Slesar (James J. Cushman) Mt. Vernon St.

•Colin Delvalle (Edward L. Mahan) Ferrin St.

•Nolan J. Doherty (Edward Mahan) Cool Street

•Dominic K. Slesar (Robert Flynn) Mt. Vernon St.

•Rory Carrier (Fr. Daniel J. Mahoney) Oak Street

•Joseph H. Griffith (St. Florian Society) Pearl St.

•John K. Walsh (Prescott #1) Monument Avenue

•William H. Moody (Prescott #2) Pleasant St.

•Matthew J. Lakus (Prescott #3) Short Street

•Oscar F. Eldhjohn (Prescott #4) Pearl St.

•Jeremy S. Shea (Prescott #5) Lyndeborn St.

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