Navy Yard Gardens Wind Sculptures Get Approval Through May 2021

The Navy Yard Garden Association has been preparing an amazing exhibit of more than 30 kinetic sculptures since last summer – engaging with the artist and his representatives since August of last year.

It was supposed to be a grand follow-up to the giant dog sculpture show that was so popular in the Navy Yard two years ago. Then COVID-19 hit just two months before the show was to premiere – complete with a gathering and celebration in May.

Now, that has been a bit derailed, but the show must go on.

Last Thursday, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA), which controls the Navy Yard properties, authorized the Navy Yard Gardens and Leopold Galleries to install the wind sculptures in the Yard and keep the exhibit going until May 2021. It’s a license agreement that extends the public art show from its original ending in September.

“In light of COVID-19 this is welcome news for the Charlestown community,” said Gardens President Robin DiGiammarino. “As an update, we raised the necessary funds to bring 31 Lyman Whitaker sculptures to the Navy Yard. The wind sculptures will be installed at some point in the next several months and a community celebration will be held when public gatherings are once again possible.”

This sculpture exhibit is to be spread out between Piers 4 and 11 along the HarborWalk. The eight groupings of sculptures will be a destination for families looking for local, outdoor attractions to uphold social distancing, added DiGiammarino.

More information will be forthcoming when the sculptures begin to be delivered for installation.

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