Hero Sports Keeps Charlestown Kids Active at the Harvard-Kent

As the school day goes from morning to afternoon on Mondays and Thursdays at the Harvard-Kent School, there’s one thing that excitedly stays on the minds of many of the young people.

That excitement is Hero Sports – a program that runs after school twice a week for Charlestown kids at the Harvard-Kent.

This past Monday, more than 65 kindergartners were gathered in the gym after school to run, catch, jump and be active in the program. The program is sponsored by the Spaulding-CNC Community Grants this year, and started last year in a smaller version with a grant from the Bunker Hill Associates.

“The Harvard-Kent Parents Association (HKPA) is grateful for the support of the Spaulding-CNC Community Partnership Grant,” said Parent Beck Adamonis. “With the support of this grant, for the second year in a row, the HKPA is able to provide high-quality after school programing at zero cost to the students of the Harvard-Kent. With a 65% increase in participation from last year, we know that our kids (and their caregivers) appreciate this being offered to our Charlestown students.”

Lisa Collins, who is a member of the CNC and works at the Harvard-Kent, said they have 65 kids signed up from the younger grades on Monday and Thursdays, and more than 65 signed up from the older grades.

Hero Sports Coaches Reid Noble and Harry Sullivan – who grew up in Charlestown – help to plan the activities and make it a fun time for each age group. While they do programming all over Boston, they have a special connection to Charlestown and are excited to be working in the Harvard-Kent.

“We did a summer program here and it went well and we were able to come back this spring and start a new program that runs through April 6,” he said. “It’s just a time for kids to have fun. We do a lot of different activities and we have them try several sports they haven’t ever tried. It’s fun, safe and keeps them active.”

Dianne Ortega said her granddaughter attends and she is really glad they have the program for them.

“London really loves the program and it’s very good for them too,” she said.

The program will continue free of charge through April 6 at the Harvard-Kent and is open to Charlestown students at the school.

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