Cassellius: Edwards School Will Remain Used as a School Building

File this one in the fanatic rumor mill folder.

Last week, quite suddenly, there was a major rumor that burst on the scene detailing that the Edwards Middle School was not going to be the saving grace for parents seeking more school seats for their children, but rather luxury apartments for those looking to relocate to the Town.

According to School Committeeman Michael O’Neill, of Charlestown, and Supt. Brenda Cassellius, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

O’Neill brought the matter up at the Jan. 29 School Committee meeting after online and paper petitions started flooding the neighborhood’s networks. Somehow, many had come to believe the Edwards was ripe for sale and development.

“I know how anxious you are to get to April and get out the big announcements,” said O’Neill. “I know that you also know how this city works in that in the absence of information, there will be misinformation. A lot of Charlestown people – and I know because I live about five doors from the Edwards School – were saying that the building was going to be sold and knocked down to build condos. That couldn’t be further from the truth because we know it’s going to be used for more seats to house Boston Public Schools students.”

Cassellius has reached out to the community, he said, and will be holding a meeting on the future of the Edwards School – and clarifying it won’t be developed into housing – very soon.

“Thanks for reaching out to folks and recognizing they need some information,” said O’Neill. “I know you are trying to be so careful because your word is your bond, and not say things you can’t deliver on, but also realizing that getting messages out to the community helps build trust until the bigger plan comes out.”

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