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Sibling Rivalry

Boston Latin junior defenseman Colm Vraibel and Latin Academy freshman wing Eamon Vraibel took their sibling rivalry to the ice but it was Eamon’s LA squad that grabbed bragging rights in an exciting 4-3 shootout triumph. Noel Gallagher (Boston Latin junior defenseman), Jack Adduci (LA junior defenseman) and Cullen Lacey (LA 8th grade wing) added to the “Townie” flavor of the hard-fought contest.

Hockey Roster


Alexa Hingston (head coach, Reading)

Jason Smith (senior defenseman, Arlington Catholic)

Colin Delvalle (senior wing, Malden Catholic)

Brody Tuite (senior wing, Archbishop Williams)

Jared Burhoe (senior wing, East Boston)

Will Killoran (junior defenseman, Belmont Hill)

Colm Vraibel (junior defenseman, Boston Latin)

Jack Adduci (junior defenseman, Latin Academy)

Eddie Pistorino (junior wing, Belmont Hill JV)

Noel Gallagher (junior defenseman, Boston Latin)

Aidan Boucher (sophomore defenseman, Catholic Memorial JV)

Owen Delvalle (sophomore wing, Malden Catholic JV)

Andy Qiu (sophomore wing, East Boston)

Jessica Pistorino (freshman wing, Worcester Academy)

Eamon Vraibel (freshman wing, Latin Academy)

Cullen Lacey (8th grade wing, Latin Academy)

•Townie Roots:

Ken Guittarr (head coach, East Boston)

Kendall Junta (assistant coach, Reading)

Catherine Taglilatela (assistant coach, Reading)

Patrick McGoff (assistant coach, East Boston)

Ryan McGoff (assistant coach, East Boston)

Steve Cedorchuk (assistant coach, Nobles)

Kevin Gallagher (assistant coach, Reading)

Finn Doherty (senior wing, Milton)

Landyn Greatorex (junior wing, Reading)

Ronan Doherty (junior wing, Groton)

Grace Connell (junior goalie, Stoneham/Melrose)

Braden Fitzpatrick (junior wing, Northeast)

Treavor Owens (junior wing, Reading)

Joe O’Brien (sophomore wing, Wakefield)

Michael Locke (sophomore wing, Wakefield)

Owen Locke (sophomore defenseman, Wakefield)

Patrick Cotter (freshman wing, Northeast)

Maxx Owens (freshman defenseman, Reading JV)

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