Letter to the Editor

Much Needed Investment

To the Editor:

Charlestown’s Little Mystic Channel is a long-forgotten corner of Boston’s booming waterfront.  Tucked between Spaulding Rehab Hospital and the Boston Autoport and owned by various City of Boston departments, it holds the potential for 15 acres of high quality public open space, with access to an equal amount of sheltered harbor via a public boat ramp.  

Thanks to a significant community benefits package announced by the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BDPA) and Massport (“Community Benefits: Lucrative Mitigation Package on Little Mystic Lease Includes Waterfront Rail Trail,” December 13) this area will soon receive much needed investment.  The package includes a rail-trail connection between the Little Mystic and Ryan Playground, a second connection to the Boston Harborwalk under the Tobin Bridge, and landscaping and plantings in preparation for a future Harborwalk section along the Little Mystic that is currently fenced off.  The negotiation adds to a recent $100,000 City grant to the local community garden.

The negotiation has brought attention and momentum to a broader effort to revitalize much needed open space around the Little Mystic Channel for local residents and visitors alike.  We applaud BPDA and Massport for reflecting community priorities in their final benefits package.  We hope to work with the city and state to secure funding to complete the Harborwalk around Little Mystic Channel across the annex parcel. We hope that we can make this a reality in the near future and build on the momentum of this announcement. 

The Little Mystic Channel represents a rare opportunity for a major neighborhood park within walking distance of Downtown Boston.  We look forward to working with residents, the City, and Massport to build on this wonderful initial momentum.  


Amber Christoffersen

Greenways Director

Mystic River Watershed Association

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