Letters to the Editor

A Special Thank You to All Who Attended

Dear Editor,

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended my cancer fundraiser, “A Night For Smokey,” a few weeks back – which was hosted by Anthony’s Dream at the Knights of Columbus. 

It was a very humbling experience which I still haven’t completely recovered from, and hopefully never will.

I want to give a special thanks to the Anthony’s Dream team, the Knights of Columbus, the Bunker Hill Associates, comedian Steve Sweeney, DJ’s Kevin McGoff and Eddie Barnett for volunteering their time and keeping the crowd entertained, all of my family, friends, co-workers, fellow Townies and lastly, Joe McGonagle and John Taglilatela, who among many others, helped create and worked the event. 

To witness and feel the love in that room has changed and shaped me in ways you could never begin to imagine. I am absolutely still riding high as a result of your support and generosity. I didn’t and still do not feel worthy of it.

I want you all to understand how appreciative I truly am to not only be your DJ but, to also be your friend.

DJ Michael ‘Smokey’ Cain

Peace Park Desecration

Dear Editor,

I have read a letter in the Charlestown Patriot-Bridge from last week.

And, this is just my opinion, of which I am entitled to.  

But, I find it very difficult to believe that rain, snow or wind removed or blew away 200-plus stones. Also, I do not believe that two peace signs that I personally screwed to the fence blew away. I am sorry.

Also the Peace Park banner that was also attached to said fence so conveniently blew off also.

Plus, about 20 sections of white picket fence, also the plaques screwed to the benches, also blew away?

With not a trace of one? Or any of these anywhere?

Please give me a little credit of having some kind of intelligence.

Because, you would have me believe that the weather also had a part in the black paint being sprayed on the gold fence also?

With all that being said, it amazes me that the day all the volunteers went to Rebuild the park, the “wind” did not blow any of the “dog waste” or the plastic bags or such that scattered throughout the Park.

Again, please!

As for the trees, I believe one was dead, but to comment on that: Why didn’t the DOT crew finish the job correctly that they started by removing the stumps also?

That is what the City does. 

That’s the end of my opinion and thoughts on the letter to editor. 

Sorry, Mr. Campbell, to disagree with your thoughts and theory. 

Joe Kelley

Created for All

Dear Editor,

One woman desecrated this park and should be held accountable.  This park was created for all to sit and reflect. Many in our community worked long hours to see this happen. This is a public park and no one has the right to vandalize it. The person who did this might benefit from sitting there and look into their heart and try to understand why they are filled with such hate. We will rebuild and make it more beautiful than before.

Cheryl Wehler

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