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A Well-attended Success

Dear Editor,

Wednesday’s concert featuring the Henry Acker Trio was a well-attended success. Families enjoyed picnics and we saw quite a few new faces on the front lines watching the talented 15-year old guitarist perform with his father and uncle. The Friends of City Square Park would like to thank the sponsors of the City Square Park Concert Series  – Coldwell Banker, Gibson Sotheby’s, the Rick DuBard Foundation, the Charlestown Cooperative Bank and the Charlestown Mother’s Association. To find out more about how to become a Friend of City Square Park please contact Grace Bloodwell at  [email protected]. Happy Fall.

Grace Bloodwell,

Friends of City Square pass a green new deal

Dear Editor,

This Friday, young people across many countries are striking to press for a reversal of energy policy for our planet.  We are all being challenged to commit to changes in the ways we power our lives.  Such changes will need to be swift, actionable, measurable and must all focus on a single commitment – to stop and then reverse climate change.

For years, while the science regarding global warming, and its concomitant animal extinctions, have been demonstrated over and over, the seductions of convenience and the sheer greed of the fossil fuel industry and its allies, have been able to seduce many into complacency.

But now, due to the many feedback loops of the natural world, the sheer pace of climate alterations is accelerating.  Absolutely NONE of the predicted oncoming outcomes are positive.  Simply consider the sheer power of recent hurricanes to forcefully support the simple point that nothing good will come of the path we’re on.

Even young children are being affected, with studies showing that children’s feelings about their future are filed with climate anxiety.  How can we let this continue? Clearly, the time for using our vaunted intelligence for thoughtful, positive action has arrived.

All of us understand that, since most humans have had precious little creature comforts over our millennia on earth, there is a communal sigh of relief that we now can have heat and hot water at the touch of a button or turn of a tap.  How seductive this all is.  But it is not sustainable!  Without renewables at the center of our energy system, without a mindful shift in our use of frankly, almost everything, the pressure on the planet from human behaviors and ‘things’ will overwhelm us all.

This Friday, come make the shift.  Stand up to the mistakes we all have made and commit to a re-think.  Let us join together to STRIKE with the youth of our planet and make the promise to them to work together to pass a green new deal, to live more simply, and to understand and accept the limits we must now take to heart.  Sometimes, dialing life back to simpler values and materials is the sole way forward. 


Dr. Ricky S. Stern

Executive Director

“e” inc.

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