Tatte Bakery Brings Its Exciting Brand to Historic Warren Street

The well-known Boston brand Tatte Bakery has signed a lease to occupy the entire retail space of the newly renovated 40 Warren St. building – currently being built out by DLJ Partners.

Toby Banta told the Patriot-Bridge late last week that they had been talking with Tatte about the space, and everything worked out on Friday to lease the entire space – which is just shy of 4,000 sq. ft.

“It’s a really good brand and they’ve been trying to get into Charlestown for a long time,” he said. “The deal came together very easy…We heard from neighbors they wanted something that was open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’re excited to provide that and think it’s a big win for the neighborhood.”

Banta and Tatte founder Tzurit Or said they would begin construction on the space around December, with a targeted opening sometime around March 2020. They would offer a coffee bar and their well-known pastries as well.

Or said this concludes a three-year journey to get a good location in Charlestown.

“First of all, it might surprise a few people, but Charlestown over the last three or four years – with the exception of out-of-town requests – was constantly the number one request we received from our customers for expansion,” she said. “It was a non-stop request through e-mails and social media…I didn’t find this space through my real estate team actually. One day I got a message through three or four different people about 40 Warren Street…For me, it’s all about the neighborhood and the community and Charlestown is a small place and it doesn’t matter where we’ll be, people will find us. I actually prefer to be inside a neighborhood versus the main business area. It’s more fixed to the brand of who we are. It was just a lovely surprise.”

Or said she took a tour of the location recently, and was taken by it immediately. It didn’t take long to sign a lease after that.

“It was very, very quick,” she said. “I first learned about Charlestown in 2010 because one of my managers lives there. It’s very close to Cambridge and downtown Boston. The overall look and feel is European. It’s small and quaint and there are a lot of young professionals and it’s sophisticated in a way. It’s very appealing to me and goes well with the Tatte brand in what people are looking for. I think Charlestown will embrace Tatte as soon as we open our doors. I’m very, very picky on how I choose real estate. I’m protecting my brand…Where you choose where you are makes a big difference. We were looking for three years in Charlestown, and there aren’t many options to go to.”

Or said they wanted to create a space that would welcome families, neighbors and professionals who need to work. She said the bakery would welcome people to come and stay.

“It’s hard to find a place that wants you to stay and wants you to hang out,” she said. “We’re excited to create a place where families can feel comfortable at any time of day and professionals can come with their laptop for three hours and do work. A lot of places want you to get your food and move on. We invite people to stay and be comfortable.”

According to their website, Or started Tatte Bakery & Café in 2007, baking 20 hours a day in her home kitchen and selling her delicious creations to Boston farmers’ markets. After only one summer, Tatte expanded to its first brick-and-mortar bakery in Brookline. It has since opened 12 Tatte cafes throughout Boston.

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