Letters to the Editor

Show Up, Speak Up, and Stand Up for a Master Plan for Charlestown

Dear Editor,

As we continue to gather signatures for our petition to ask for a Master Plan for Charlestown, we are continually amazed by the residents who are stepping up, signing and thanking us for doing this work.

No, we are most grateful for these folks as they give us the energy and drive to continue to fight for more orderly and responsible development in Charlestown. We are not against building, we are advocating for reasonable building heights and density, green space, less gridlock, better transportation, more affordable housing, schools and a cleaner environment as well as being prepared for climate change. 

As I see it: If we in Charlestown don’t advocate for the above, and get what we want, a Master Plan, the City and the Boston Planning and Development Agency will step in and get what they want, more buildings, possibly towers. In the end we in Charlestown will get more irresponsible developments, more people, more gridlock, and a decreased quality of life in our one square mile.

The next meeting of the “Chat with a Planner” is on Sept. 17 from 4-6 p.m. at the Charlestown Public Library.

It is of paramount importance that the community of Charlestown be heard. If you cannot attend, please email the Mayor and ask for a Master Plan for Charlestown.

Ann Kelleher


Mark and Michelle Gorman Scholarship Winners Announced

The Mark & Michelle Gorman Scholarship committee is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s scholarships.  The committee gave out $7500 in scholarships to eligible students for the 2019 – 2020 school year.  Winners were chosen in a lottery on Sept. 7.

K-12 Scholarship Winners:

Jake McGrath – B.C. High

Ashlyn Stillman – Mt. Alvernia    

College Scholarship Winners:

Matt Lakus – Pomfret School

Miceala Sindoris – Northeastern University

John L. “Jackie” Sullivan Memorial Scholarship:

Shannon Rose – Lesley University

The Committee would like to thank all of our donors and attendees at our 20th Anniversary Celebration.  Special thanks to the following supporters: Joe Kelly, Rep. Dan Ryan, The Warren Tavern, The Monument, Kimberly Russell, Wellesley Toyota, Michelle Jackson, the Knights of Columbus and DJ Smoky Cain.

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