Post Office Could Likely Remain in Bunker Hill Mall

The saga of the post office looks like it could end soon, and the facility might be staying in the Bunker Hill Mall – though at a new location.

USPS Boston spokesman Stephen Doherty said they are in negotiations right now.

“In Charlestown we’re currently negotiating with the landlord on another location within the same plaza,” he said. “Once that’s finalized and we have a lease, we’ll put the word out for a grand reopening date.”

At the moment, the postal branch in the Mall is operating out of the same location, but a project to expand the CVS is ready to move forward and the lease on the post office space has long run out.

A manager for the CVS location told community members the store did not push the post office out of its current location. He said CVS only decided to expand because there was a vacant space caused by the post office not renewing their lease.

He said they are not opening a clinic or any new services in the CVS, but rather they are just spacing out the aisles in the existing store to provide more inventory and more space to move around.

It is not certain what space in the Mall the postal service is looking at, but they had been in negotiations off and on earlier in the year regarding a space near the Citizens Bank.

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