A Gem on the Diamond : Ryleigh Williams-Arroyo is Tearing it up this Summer

There is only one left-handed hitter in Boston who is having a better season than rising Red Sox star Rafael Devers.

And that young lady is Charlestown 12-year-old  Ryleigh Cecelia Williams-Arroyo, whose  batting average, power hitting, and fielding have been in a word – awesome.

The sweet-swinging hitter batted .692 with seven home runs and 59 RBIs in 24 games for the Charlestown Blue Diamonds of the Middle Essex Softball League. A skilled baserunner as well, she has scored 47 runs.

Ryleigh has been steadily improving her skills for the past four seasons under the tutelage of her stepfather, Billy Nugent, the Blue Diamonds coach.

“He’s a very good coach,” credited Ryleigh. “He works very well with the girls because he knows most of them because I’ve grown up with all of them. They’re all my friends.”

The Diamonds compiled a 13-1 record in their summer season and captured the league championship. Ryleigh claimed the triple crown for her batting average, RBIs, and home runs. She also drew several semi-intentional walks, the utmost sign of respect from an opposing team.

“Ryleigh’s our cleanup hitter,” said Nugent. “She’s amazing, she’s great to work with. She’s very easy going. She’s an incredible first baseman. She’s softball smart, always keeping her teammates ready and spreading the word how many outs there are and things like that. But most importantly, she goes out there and has fun.”

An Early Start on the Diamond

Ryleigh’s parents, Jimmy Williams and Roslyn Arroyo both participated in sports at East Boston High School.

Jimmy was a baseball superstar who had a 90 MPH fastball and a potent bat and was scouted by Major League Baseball teams. Roslyn excelled in the Lady Jets softball program and continues to enjoy softball.

Ryleigh began her sports career in the Charlestown Little League. It was clear from Day 1 that Ryleigh had excellent hand-to-eye coordination and the ability to hit the ball long distances.

Who taught Ryleigh the techniques of hitting?

“My whole family, my dad, my grandfather, my stepdad, my mom,” replied Ryleigh.

Ryleigh is playing for the Gators team in the East Boston Girls Softball League playoffs.

Leah Forbes has been Ryleigh’s coach in the EBGSL for the past few years.

“She’s awesome, she’s just so talented and a great kid,” said Forbes. “She works really well with the younger kids and helping keep the team organized. She’s comes from a great family. She’s just super talented and you can tell she just loves to play softball.”

A seventh-grade student, Ryleigh is looking forward to playing high school softball.

“Without a doubt, I can see Ryleigh excelling in high school,” said Nugent.

 Ryleigh also enjoys competing in other sports.

“I do other sports to stay active – basketball, football, and swimming,” said Ryleigh.

But it’s her softball talents that have people taking notice. Ryleigh Williams Arroyo’s future prospects appear to be unlimited.

Can you say 2028 Summer Olympics?

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