Kids of Charlestown : Exhibit at Zume’s Coffee House Draws Excitement

Essem Art Studio (Charlestown Commerce Center) partnered with local hot spot Zume’s Coffee House and Savvy Sitter Boston to bring a community art experience to the kids of Charlestown.

“It makes me smile just to see the joy in these kids eyes when they point at their paintings and say, ‘This is mine’ with pride in their eyes,” said Debra Ball, Zume’s Coffee House.

The summer- themed art projects were painted at Essem Art Studio under the guidance of Charlestown resident and abstract artist, Sophia Moon, throughout the month of June. Moon has been hosting Art Labs in her studio since last September, providing kids (and their parents) the opportunity for creative play and exploration.

“A big thanks to all the Charlestown families who participated, making this project a success; to Savvy Sitter Boston for assisting with the Art Labs; and to Debra and John (Zume’s) for the vision and the exhibition space,” said Moon. “We enjoyed working with all the young artists – aged one to 10 – to create this beautiful exhibit.”

The summer-themed art project were painted at Essem Art Studio during dedicated Art Lab sessions under the guidance of Moon. Savvy Sitter Boston—in the service of providing local, dependable, trustworthy and fun babysitters—assisted in facilitating the Art Labs. 

“It was such an honor to be a part of this project—to spark joy and creativity in our community—from the making to the sharing of art. We hope it inspires folks to add a little art to their lives,” said Moon.

Moon hosts Playdates, Music/Art Labs, Workshops, and Private Art Parties for kids and adults in her studio, encouraging creative play and exploration for all.  For more information, visit or email Sophia Moon at [email protected].

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