Harvard Kent School to Bury Time Capsule on Thursday

The Harvard Kent Elementary School announced this week that it would be burying a time capsule on Thursday, June 13 in front of the school.

Principal Jason Gallagher and Second Grade Teacher Sandra Bastianelli said they are burying the capsule so as to be able to open it on the school’s 50th Golden Anniversary.

Dignitaries and friends of the school have been invited and a great event is expected.

The items inside the capsule will consist of:

•Time Capsule Outreach Pamphlet

•Time Capsule Banner- Pictures of our Grade Teams 

•Staff Banner

•Harvard-Kent School Timeline Tree Events and pictures that correlate 

•Pride Bucks Tally

•Art Fund Raiser Flyers

•Spelling Bee Flyer

•2018-2019 Dance Moves List and Zip Drive

•Top Ten Song List 2019

•Boston Sports Biographies and 2018-2019 Standings

•Elected Officials for USA, Massachusetts and Charlestown

•Follow the Voyage Flyer

•In the year 2018 Flyer

•Careers in the Community Booklets

•List of Principals and Teachers

•Wellness Shirt and Winner

•Letters from our Principal, Vice Principal and Fellow Principal

•Newspaper announcing a Sixth Grade expansion for 2020

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