Townie Sports: Charlestown High Boys’ Track Takes City Championship

The Charlestown High School boys’ track team had been putting the rest of the City’s high schools on notice over the last few years, but on May 13 they showed they mean business – taking the City Championship title rather easily over powerhouse East Boston.

Head Coach Dave Lopes and Co-Head Coach Charles Dean said their charges performed with excellence during the meet on May 13, beating Eastie 153-87 after losing a very close Championship meet to Eastie last year.

The team took first in two relays, swept the high jump event and had Douglas Alvarado claim the MVP of the City Meet (as well as three first place finishes in the 800m, One Mile and Two Mile).

“It’s been 12 years since we won a boys city title, and so it’s been awhile,” said Dean, who is the head coach of the indoor team and a former runner at Charlestown High. “Last year was the first year in awhile we were competitive to the point we could have probably won. It adds to what we do indoor. We have two head coaches with experience in how to build a team. This is probably the best staff I’ve been on in 13 years of coaching.”

Coach Lopes is also the Cheerleading Coach, and that talented team has won two City Championships recently. However, for track, it has been a long drought.

“It’s such a family that’s been built,” he said. “They all get along and check their egos and support each other and help each other out. I still can’t believe it. If we can stay together, we can win a few more championships…We knew we could do it and I think the students and team knew they could do it. They knew hard work paid off. The students that won their races knew that they needed to work hard rain or shine…They knew what they had to do and they did it. Even with all the rain and cold, we never canceled a practice. Everyone just wanted to get better and knew they had to work at it.”

Said Athletic Director Paige Lemieux, “All season I had the pleasure of watching this team come together and train in all weather. Their commitment to practice was something I had not seen from a team in my four years. Every single person was committed to getting it done and playing their role.”

In addition to Alvarado, there was an outstanding performance from Christopher Michel, who won first in the 100 hurdles, the 400 hurdles and the 4×400 relay.

Coach Lopes also praised Alvarado for his MVP performance, especially since he didn’t participate for indoor track due to an injury.

“With Douglas coming in and doing that without running indoor because of injuries, I think he did fantastic; he deserved everything he got there,” he said.

Said Dean, “In my experience with City League over the years, once you get going, it’s hard to lose that. We have a trophy case that’s half full of basketball titles and half full of track titles with cheerleading in there too. I think the next five years can bring a lot more trophies to the case for track.”

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