Post Office Gets Notice to Leave Its Space in Mall

The owners of the Bunker Hill Mall have put the Post Office on notice that it must leave the storefront in the Bunker Hill Mall – perhaps as early as June 1 – and the Postal Service has not indicated to the paper it has any alternate plans.

Owners of the Mall – New England Development – told the Patriot Bridge this week that the CVS intends to expand into the Post Office space. While the Post Office was given a five-month extension while CVS got ready for construction, the pharmacy is now ready to work and the mail must move.

As we have previously reported, the Post Office lease expired at the end of 2018 at Bunker Hill Mall,” said Issie Shait, executive vice president of property management at the Mall. “CVS is now ready to expand into that space and fully remodel their store.  We have worked with and allowed the Post Office to stay in their current location for the past five months while they seek a new location, but it is time for the CVS construction to move forward. We look forward to the Post Office finding suitable space and hope that they can announce a new location in the near future.”

Officials looking for space in the Town for the new postal location did not return calls immediately about their plans for any new location.

However, just a month ago one representative said they were running out of options and appealed to the community for ideas on any open space that might be available.

Around the Town, many are worried that the Postal location may not find a place, and that the area could lose its 02129 zip code – which is a dearly held designation for those living here.

At this point, the solution seems to be lost in the mail.

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