New Tenants, Changes to Bunker Hill Mall to Be Announced Soon

The boarded-up front of Papa Gino’s restaurant in the Bunker Hill Mall was enough to signal some big changes on the way for most Charlestown residents – as was the brown paper in the windows of the Citizen’s Bank.

Those two things, along with changes at the Post Office branch and the CVS Pharmacy, all wrap up into what will likely be some changes coming to the Mall in Thompson Square.

The week, property managers from New England Development said they are going to soon announce some new tenants and are contemplating other changes at the Mall.

“We hope to be in a position to announce new tenants soon for Bunker Hill Mall,” said Issie Shait, executive vice president of Property Management. “We are considering some upgrades to the property, but we do not have approved plans and we will continue to update the community as more information becomes available. The center has a strong future serving Charlestown, as we have for the past 40 years.”

The Bunker Hill Mall has already gone through some changes last year when it was announced that the Post Office had been asked to leave. The USPS is still searching for a permanent home in Charlestown, but for the moment still has a residence in the Mall.

That will change soon, however, as Shait said CVS is ready to begin preparations for expanding into the Post Office space.

“The Post Office lease has expired, and CVS is in preparations to expand into that space and to fully remodel their store,” said Shait. 

The Bunker Hill Mall was a product of Urban Renewal many years ago in Charlestown, and has been a popular gathering spot for the Town over many decades.

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