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The annual Disco for David Scholarship fundraiser was once again held in honor of Dave Whelan and as expected the place to be on last Friday Night. at the Knights. Kim Mahoney called this year’s event FLASHBACK FRIDAY  since they brought in five Old School DJs from back in the day.

Once a year in September, this fundraiser is held to raise funds for the David M. Whelan  Scholarship Fund. Dave like so many before him  didn’t just do great things for the community, he lived for this patch of real estate every day of his much too short life. Charlestown over the years always seems to produce some great community people. No one in Charlestown needs to fill someone else’s shoes because we have an endless supply of shoes out there.

We all have our time. We all are supposed to do something with that time. Dave did just that. His time ended on December 16, 2015, when he lost his battle with cancer. However, his memory lives on and is as strong as ever.

This Disco for David and the scholarship is a way for Dave’s spirit to keep on giving back like he did in his life.  The funds raised go to three scholarships for Townie youth moving through college seeking their B.A.s and master’s degrees every June, it supports one scholarship to the Charlestown Schoolgirls Association, assists with funds at the YMCA helping kids go to camp and other great causes.

I am sure Dave was looking down from heaven and doing a little disco up  there. I was on the dance floor all night because back in the day like Dave, I loved the disco era and my days as disco Sal. I even showed up looking a little vintage wearing my flaming red shirt, bright red tie looking a bit like an aging disco star . Lost my polyester three piece and my Cuban heels years ago but when I shut my eyes I was back on the dance floor. On this, I am sure Dave would agree, there was nothing like disco and never will be. Just as there will never be another Dave Whelan.

I also found out that our District Councilor Lydia Edwards wasn’t bad on the dance floor either, even though she probably read about disco in school.



There’s a new TV series  coming out shortly on cable called “City on a Hill.” Yet, another look inside the beast called Charlestown. It takes place back in the ’90s when Boston was going through a “miracle” in the world of drugs, crimes, violence and gangs. When Boston was taking all the bad characters of the streets and locking them all up.

This is just another bad production making Charlestown look like it is the Harvard University of Crime. Tired of it all, so endless isn’t it. Also, why does actor Kevin Bacon seem to show up in every big screen or little screen Hollywood project? By now, he should have his Boston accent down pat, right?

I won’t concone this latest Hollywood’s insult to Townies.

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