BuildBPS Debuts Effort with New Desks, Furniture for School Year

Charlestown students will be greeted with a comfortable seat when they return to school on Thursday, Sept. 6.

That’s because both the Warren-Prescott School and the Harvard-Kent School were the benefactors of the first wave of BuildBPS money, funds that went to buying new 21st century furniture for schools all across the district.

The Harvard-Kent got $98,000 worth of furniture delivered over the summer and the Warren Prescott got $111,000.

“The kids will be happy to know BPS is thinking about them and they’re comfort in class and about their needs,” said Harvard Kent Principal Jason Gallagher. “It was definitely a good way to kick off BuildBPS, and the schools did a great job of organizing it this summer. Some of the furniture we had been using probably had been here since the school opened in 1972. We’ll be anxious to see what the next steps are for BuildBPS.”

Warren Prescott Principal Michele Davis said they were excited to get the furniture for the new year.
“Our school got about $111,000 to order the furniture to support this school year,” she said. “The School Site Council identified the needs we had and the teachers also made recommendations. It will include inclusive furniture that each teacher identified, particularly furniture that would work for the group.”

Nearly all of our schools in the district received new 21st century furniture, which was delivered over the summer as part of the BuildBPS educational and facilities master plan. This was a $13 million allocation for 56,000 items. This furniture is intended to be flexible to encourage collaboration and innovation in learning. Examples include adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, and portable teacher lecterns.

One of the major helps in Charlestown for the kids will be fidget stools, which help students work out nervous energy while they work. Both Gallagher and Davis said those stools have been very effective for many of their students who have trouble sitting still and working.

Also helpful will be new tables, desks and small-group mobile meeting tables.

The new furniture will be fully in place for the first day of school.

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