Waterfront Coalition to Host Rising Sea Level Meeting April 24

The Charlestown Waterfront Coalition (CWC) is hosting a rising sea level/flooding forum on Tuesday, April 24, at 6:30 p.m. at Spaulding Rehab.  The forum will discuss strategies for preparing for the next “bomb” storm (or 100 year storm next winter). The Charlestown Waterfront Coalition has engaged three presenters who will provide concrete information about flooding, code requirements for residences and businesses, and specific actions that can be taken now to prepare and protect buildings.

  • Kate Kennen is founder of Offshoots, Inc. a Boston-based landscape architecture and planning practice focusing on coastal resiliency and the creation of ecologically productive landscapes. She is the co-author of ‘Phyto: Principles and Resources for Site Remediation and Landscape Design’ and is a frequent lecturer on the subject of creating productive landscapes for social and ecological benefit.
  • Peter Allen is an AIA, ICC and ASFPM registered speaker for Smart Vent, a leader in wet and dry flood proofing, offering education and flood remediation solutions. As a Flood Mitigation Specialist he has worked extensively with Architects, Engineers, Building Code Officials and residents to minimize flood risk of their buildings.
  • John Bologna is a registered professional engineer with 38 years of experience in civil and structural engineering design of projects located in high wind and flood prone coastal areas.  His expertise includes a working knowledge of FEMA regulations, building codes, project permitting, and construction.

Please join The Charlestown Waterfront Coalition at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital at 6:30 p.m., April 24, for light refreshments and interesting presentations.  Please RSVP to [email protected], as space is limited.

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