Steve Wynn Attorneys Looking to Remove Him from MGC

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) will begin looking at the process of how to remove Steve Wynn as a qualifier and a person involved with the Wynn Boston Harbor project at its meeting this Thursday.

The MGC has included an item on its agenda for Thursday that would begin the process of removing Steve Wynn as a qualifier and a participant in the Wynn gaming license.

The Commission has recently received requests from attorneys representing Steve Wynn, Wynn Resorts Limited and Wynn MA LLC that Steve Wynn no longer be considered a qualifier for Wynn Boston Harbor based on his resignation and divestiture from Wynn Resorts,” said Spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll. “On Thursday, the Commission will discuss the process and schedule for the consideration of this request. Wynn is not coming before the Commission on Thursday. MGC staff will present the Commission with the requests from the Wynn attorneys and the Commission will only discuss the schedule and process for taking the request under consideration.”

The process is new, she said, and so how that will be done – and if it should be done – will be part of the initial conversation this week.

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